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Where it all began....

Little Leaps began as just a simple discussion between Grace and Siobhan in May of 2016. Grace and Siobhan's dream started to become a reality, they hit the ground running and went in search for a home to house their dream. In October 2016, when the girls went on a retreat to Wexford, the idea took shape . It was on this retreat that  the preschool was given an identity "Little Leaps" and the frog theme emerged! Then January 2017 came along and the girls jumped right back into work, calling and emailing non stop only to have door after door closed in their face! Then Ashbourne Community Centre opened their doors and worked super hard along side Grace and Siobhan to make the vision a reality, they were home.

....Until finally in September 2017, after a long summer full of hard work Little Leaps Preschool opened its doors for the very first time to 16 wonderful children. Little Leaps has been growing ever since! From a small team of 3 to now a team of ***. In September 2018 they started their After school service.  2021 saw the opening of a second preschool room. The Little Leaps Team, 'The Army' (fun-fact a group of frogs is called an Army)  continues to grow bigger and bigger every year.

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